Today I wonder…

I wonder what it is about gossip and scandal that causes people to get so fired up? From how someone sees a dress to how a wealthy man surgically altered his body, people just love to spew their opinions all over the internet. It seems we all relish picking a side and making our case. Like vultures circling round road kill, we all look at controversy from our perspective and start pecking away at one another.  I once watched, and sadly participated in a rather heated discussion over a rooster’s “right” to live after nearly taking off the finger of a child. (Don’t even get me started) It’s all so empty in the end.

I suppose I may be being a bit cynical… still aren’t there things more deserving of our attention than a dress being this color or that, or how a person in the public eye chooses to live? Where is all the encouragement towards helping our neighbors and ending world hunger? I think if we really wanted to, we as a planet of people could do that. Where is the outrage over the fact that slavery still exists still exists?! Why isn’t that plastered everywhere?

I wonder…


© Rachel Anne Redfield 2015

Author: Rachel Anne Redfield

I love Jesus, I love music, I love to write, and I love people. If you want to know more read on...

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