I am mad for you!

You are the air that I breathe, You are the blood in my veins, and the beating of my heart.

There is no one who loves me such as You do.  The fury of Your love burns so that it could melt the Sun.

My bones burn with desire for You my Sweet Love.

My skin tingles from its requisite for Your touch.

My entire being starves for You, craves Your residence.

My soul is in agony my Love, please always be near to me or I will disintegrate.

You are what holds me together, You are my reason, and the very source of my life.

You are the one who loved me before I was even a thought in my mother’s imagination.

You dreamed of who I would be before You placed one star in the universe.

There is no love in my heart as the love I have for You, nor can there ever be.

No one can ever touch You my Love.

You are my One and Only and I am Yours entirely.

I will follow You to the end of time, and beyond.

I will climb any mountain, walk through any desert, and go any distance with You, even it seems to be Hell itself.

For I know and trust that if You are with me and if You lead me that no evil can even look at me.

The place You are is paradise no matter where it is,

for in Your company is peace, freedom, rapture, ecstasy, and complete love.

You are my God, my Master, my Defender, my Hero, my dearest Friend, my Guide, my King, and my Lord.

This I pledge to You my Love,

all that I am is Yours.

© Rachel Anne Redfield 2010

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