I shall now ramble on about myself…

I am a thirty something, single, short, reddish-brown loooooong haired, green eyed woman who still lives at home.  Let’s just say that managing money is a skill  that I have chosen to learn the hard way. Unfortunately I don’t even have a shiny newish car for my troubles. (What?!) I have since learned to ask for help and do see light at the end of the tunnel. Of course I am many other things and none of them are in an of themselves who I am.

Not  so long ago I was super morbidly obese. I have (as of now) lost two hundred and thirty five pounds. It has taken about five years so far to accomplish this. I am currently stuck in the process yet again and am trying to readjust my strategy. Massive weight loss is not as quick as it seems on television. Fear not though I shall not after coming this far give up!

I am very blessed to be working as a preschool teacher at a wonderful company that incorporates daycare, preschool, and adult day care all in one amazing place. Everyday we have inter-generational activities and it is one of the highlights of every workday.  I have the privilege of spending my day job hanging out with a bunch of awesome little people.

I also have a good relationship with my parents. I am grateful for that. I also have two amazing brothers, an awesome sissy-in-love, a spectacular niece, and a stellar nephew. I still have one living grandparent, and two uncles who am close to. My family is amazing and although I haven’t always shown it very well I treasure them all.

For many years I have been deeply involved in church ministry. In many ways it consumed my life. In fact it was my life. For the first time in my life I am not in leadership or involved in anyway in church ministry. I am not sure how long that will be the case. It fells strange. It has sent me on a journey of learning a new way of life. I am learning that God doesn’t want me to work for Him, instead He has invited me to live life with Him. I am still not sure that I know what on earth that means yet. I may never completely figure it out. One thing I know for sure is that God never ever wanted me to sacrifice relationship with loved ones to serve Him, and that is what I have done for a very long time.

This blog will be (for now) a glimpse into what I am learning on this journey of recovering form a life of misplaced ambition, self-hatred, food addiction, and learning how to know the real love of my Creator. Welcome, and proceed at your own risk. 😉



One thought on “I shall now ramble on about myself…”

  1. As summaries go, this one is excellent since it says a lot about you, and it’s written by you, and it does it in really just a few words. However (I might point out), there is a lot more to *you* than this little snapshot tells. You didn’t even mention how much you love kitty-cats and puppy-dogs, for example. 🙂
    –g ❤

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